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Lusin was born and raised in Vanadzor. "I didn't focus on living and creating in Vanadzor, but I thought that if I wasn't in Vanadzor and saw a different reality, how it would affect me as an artist... we don't know much about ourselves, we always find out as a result of something that happens to us."


When she was little, Lusin drew on the walls, the paper was not interesting for drawing. "We had a carpet on the wall that we take off not often, I assumed that wherever my hand reached, I could draw, that is, under the carpet. One day we took out the carpet to move to another house... ”

Now that her daughter is little, there are drawings she gives to her child, or she asks her what she thinks she has drawn. Sometimes they enjoy interesting joint creative moments. Lusine noticed that a child is growing up someone who appreciates beauty. "If she sees a blossoming tree, she will give ten minutes to praise that tree. "How beautiful, how good!" Lusin is always interested in the topics her child draws on, what worries her. Speaking about being an artist and a mother, Lusine mentioned that if you find the way to attach or separate the roles of being a mother and an artist, it is difficult, but it turns out well.


Recently, Lusin has been expressing her feelings through women's figures. The bodies are naked because he thinks that there is no beauty in clothes and there is no need to cover the body artificially.

"Painting is not a job, it is not like going to work. If you are painting to say something, you have to wait for the time to come. As in writing, how can you have nothing to say and write, what can you write about?”

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