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Meet Creopia Community member Eliza!


Eliza is a young photographer from Vanadzor capturing life in Armenia.  Since a young age she understood that she was always wanted to find herself in creativity but couldn’t find a medium that worked well for her until photography came into the picture. 


In 2014 she fell in love with photos of friends who would shoot on film and started doing the same, teaching herself through practice. 


Eliza is studying journalism at the Russian- Armenian University and in her 2nd year understood that she could connect her favorite hobby to journalism and will continue working in the context of a photojournalist. 

Since childhood she loved flipping through National Geographic and seeing village life in far-off places. After graduation she plans to travel to Iran and take photos of street life there. 


Currently, Eliza lives in Yerevan, but she rarely finds herself taking photos there.

As soon as she returns to Vanadzor there seems to be much more interesting content to photograph and document. Although Vanadzor has a reputation of being somewhat depressing, Eliza finds it to be nothing but inspiring. 


For now photography is simply Eliza’s motivation to live and perhaps later on she will considering changing the world.



Life in armenia

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