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Meet our new Creopia Community member, painter, Ararat Aleksanyan. As a Vanadzor native, he knows that no matter where he goes in the future, he will always return to Vanadzor, because for him, everything started from here. He considers Vanadzor to be  a green home and in a very green corner of this green home, Ararats studio is tucked away among the trees, where he spends most of his days. Being alone helps him create, and the studio gives him that needed solitude.. Anything can spark inspiration: people, weather, trees, air… but above all he is most inspired by music.

"Paintings are a part of you, they are you: the mood that you are bringing to the studio, the reason you came. You can work on a painting for months and every day you enter the studio differently, maybe you experienced a good moment, spoke to a new person, and knowingly or not, you give it all to the painting, it’s an energy."


"I do not remember when I started painting. At school I doodled on everything: notebooks, walls, desks. One day an artist gave me a brush and watercolors. He knew me and knew that I loved drawing. That brush has stayed with me until now even though I did not keep it on purpose. "

Ararat believes that every person should dig deeper within themselves, rather than be distracted by shallow externalities. He knows that through a deep internal understanding of oneself, all things fall into place and he uses his paintings to achieve exactly that.

He can not imagine his life without painting. It sparks many inexplicable feelings that can not be compared to anything else. He considers painting to be relative to dialogue. "It’s like talking to yourself."

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