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7 Video Content Mistakes Social Entrepreneurs Make

As social entrepreneurs, we are always balancing purpose with profit. Nuanced challenges arise out of this paradigm.

In an online environment, overwhelmed with clickbait and flashy visuals lacking long-term value, putting your authentic story out there can be a daunting task. You may worry, will my visuals be noticed?

If you are like most of our clients, your authentic story is not being told. While working with various social entrepreneurs over the past three years, we have identified the following 7 main video content mistakes:

7 Main mistakes

Mistake #1: Not knowing your audience

Find your niche! The more specific your understanding is of your target the more likely they are to recognize themselves in your content.

Are you an artist who is trying to share a social message?

Are you a scientist trying to slow climate change?

Are you an activist expanding your message outside the borders of your country?

Who do you know needs to hear your message and who will benefit from it the most? Answer this question and it will be much easier to share your message.

Mistake #2: Too formal looking and sounding

Videos allow you to connect to your audience in a more authentic and purposeful way. Sometimes we can get bogged down in the desire to look as professional as possible and we end up disconnecting from the audience we are actually trying to reach. Rather than focusing on looking extra professional, identify a clean look for your videos that doesn’t distract but compliments the visual language of your brand.

Mistake #3: Using a video editor that doesn’t understand your purpose

Just as with every creation process- every stop of a video production is altered by all that work on it. When you outsource any part of the production process the energetic quality of your story is impacted. Finding a video editor that believes in your mission and cares that your work makes the world a better place allows for a much more authentic video story!

As the number of new social entrepreneurs grows, more people are starting to pay attention to the wider impact their work has. Set the intention of finding a values-aligned editor. Your impact will be amplified.

Mistake #4: Favoring words over visuals.

Words are often the method that allows for most articulation however when you are captivating a new audience visual language is much more effective and efficient.

Sometimes it is hard to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will absorb the full scope of your work if you do not explain every detail and motivation. When thinking about video content imagine you are just planting a seed of interest within someone’s mind that will grow when they are engaged enough. A direct and impactful video can be that seed that will allow for greater and wider understanding of your message down the road.

Mistake #5: Letting your video be too long and rambly

Most entrepreneurs are deeply passionate about their work and thus could talk about it for hours on end. This is a skill that is great for concept development and brainstorming. Speaking in a video in a long (albeit) passionate rant often loses both viewers and engagement.

Take the time to review your script or talking points with an external audience that is not familiar with the ins and outs of your work. Make sure your words are digestible for any individual hearing about your company for the very first time.

Mistake #6: Underemphasized social impact

As a social entrepreneur the question of how to prioritize impact and profit is always present. When sharing any piece of content it can be tempting to adapt to a larger audience which means losing the emphasis on the ability your work has to make this world a more just place. Don’t forget that you exist to support and connect with those that have similar attitudes towards injustice as you do. Don’t dilute your message to widen its reach when all it will do is be less likely to attract the people you want to your business.

Mistake #7: Ending without a call to action

You’ve created an engaging and dynamic video and your viewer has watched the whole thing. Success!! But what now? If there is no compelling call to action at the end, your viewer will click on the next video or continue scrolling. To prevent losing your audience, below are a few ways to keep your audience engaged so that the video end does not become the end of their interaction with you.:

Calls to Action - choose one:

  • Watch next

  • Read this blog

  • Learn about this technique

  • Visit our website

  • Follow us on social media

  • Reach out to us to solve your problem

A final note: While we have provided several examples above, pick only one call to action for the end of each piece of content so that your viewer is not confused. They only have to click on one link!

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